Sophie & Callum // Coastal CT Intimate Wedding

Sophie & Callum // Coastal CT Intimate Wedding

Coastal CT Intimate Wedding, Essex CT Wedding, Jeff Lundstrom Photography

Sophie and Callum were married on a gorgeous June day at Sophie’s family home in Essex, CT.

I loved so much about the wedding, but I especially liked the location. Sophie’s family home was a charming historic colonial period house set right on the Connecticut River. It could not have been more romantic—the smell of the fresh summer air, the birds flying overhead, the sun setting on the water, and the moon lighting up the evening sky. It was the perfect setting for an open-air New England summer wedding.

Of course, to make things even better, they had a sunrise ceremony, and I couldn’t get over what a perfect metaphor it was for a wedding—the dawning of a new day and the dawning of a new life together.

Callum is Scottish, so they made sure to incorporate a few Scottish traditions into the wedding—kilts, bagpipes, and Scottish line dancing. It was a blast! Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jeff Lundstrom wedding without a few dogs and a cat, and I loved that the pups were treated to a few bites of birthday cake!

My favorite image of the day has to be the photo of the tent all lit up at night with the moon overhead in the sky. It reminds me of my family’s 4th of July parties in our backyard when I was a kid—chasing fireflies, playing with sparklers, and staying up past my bedtime. There’s something so wonderfully carefree about evenings in the summertime; they just seem to linger forever.

Sophie and Callum, thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day celebration. And thank you for the room at the Gris—it’s a memory that my family and I won’t soon forget!


Claudette & Mike // Maplestone Inn Wedding

Claudette & Mike // Maplestone Inn Wedding


Mike grew up in New Paltz, NY, and his childhood home is just a stone’s throw away from the Maplestone Inn. Combine that with the fact that his aunt and uncle own the inn, so having his wedding to Claudette at this location was a no-brainer. The Inn was already so full of love and family for Mike, and after their August ceremony & reception, it held new memories for both Claudette and Mike and their beautiful future together.

The whole day was all about family. It was just so fun to see these two surrounded by friends and family laughing, crying, and celebrating with them. From the moment the day started, Mike and his groomsmen were sharing a beer and some laughs. Then, later on, Claudette’s sister gave the most heartfelt toast to the couple. Mike’s brother and Claudette’s sister also pulled off an amazing duet at the reception!

My favorite part of their wedding day was when Claudette and Mike left the ceremony with their beloved dog. It really was all about family—of all shapes and sizes! I think that is what weddings are all about for me. Just be yourself! Weddings don’t have to be stuffy formal occasions. They can be relaxed and casual, down-to-earth and natural. So, if you want to include your pets then go for it! Everyone should be able to enjoy a wedding – even man’s best friend!

There is no better setting for a relaxed, casual, fun wedding than the country. It’s a down to earth and practical environment where the emphasis is placed on family and values. And Claudette and Mike’s wedding exemplified that ideal!

Claudette & Mike, thank you for being you. And thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing time in your lives. Congratulations to you both!