Keeler Tavern Wedding // Emily and Doug // Ridgefield, CT Wedding Photographer

Keeler Tavern Wedding // Emily and Doug // Ridgefield, CT Wedding Photographer

The bride and groom make it official during their intimate garden ceremony at Keller Tavern in Ridgefield, CT

Keeler Tavern Wedding // A Historic Landmark

Keeler Tavern is one of my favorite wedding venues in the state of Connecticut. Why? Well, I have a thing for history. My mother was a Latin teacher and an avid antique collector. My dad was an Ivy League scholar who himself was a military and sports history buff.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in old, historic places. I grew up in Wilmington, DE which is a stone’s throw from Washington’s winter headquarters at Valley Forge and where he crossed the Delaware in Bucks County, PA. Wilmington is also home to the DuPont Family estates which were popular with school field trips.

It didn’t stop there. As the son of an Ivy League grad, I spent so much time on the campus of Dartmouth College (my Dad’s alma mater) that I was mistaken as the son of a faculty member. My dad was a very active Dartmouth alum which meant we went to any and all local Big Green sporting events – Princeton football and hockey games, Penn lacrosse games … this list goes on.

Growing up with all that history, I quickly grew an affinity for ‘old stuff’. I loved staying in historic Inns when we traveled. I loved walking on the campuses of those historic universities. I even found myself enjoying the antique shops my mom would drag me too!

So, it’s no surprise why I would love photographing weddings at a historic site that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And Keeler Tavern is one such place.

Intimate Garden Wedding and Lively Reception

Emily and Doug had an intimate ceremony in Keeler Tavern’s back garden surrounded by their closest friends and family. It was the perfect setting for a summer New England wedding. I love outdoor ceremonies. The carefree, open-air vibe makes for such a relaxed atmosphere. One that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

The ceremony wasn’t the only event hosted in the garden. Cocktail hour was held outside in the garden as well. For me, there is nothing more fun than sipping a gin n tonic al fresco on your wedding day. Talk about a relaxed atmosphere! Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Emily and Doug who were mingling, laughing, and catching up with old friends and close family.

The day ended in a rather lively fashion. Little did I know that this quiet, cozy, and intimate wedding would end up erupting into a raucous dance party. Man! I’ve seen some lively receptions in my day, but this reception is firmly enshrined in the hall of fame.  I literally thought the floor would cave in during ‘Turn down for what!’ Wonder what Benjamin Hoyt (one of Keeler’s early owners) would say about that today!

It was all good though. Everyone emerged unscathed and got to the after-party fully intact.

Emily and Doug, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. You threw one heck of a party! Definitely “one for the history books” (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)



Wedding Planning Tips // Cocktail Hour Guaranteed

Wedding Planning Tips // Cocktail Hour Guaranteed

Cheers! Couples deserve to enjoy their cocktail hour.

Take back your cocktail hour!

I see couples miss their cocktail hour all the time. It’s become an acceptable practice to have your bridal and family photographs during one of the more enjoyable portions of your wedding day.

It makes me sad.

Why? Because couples put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into planning their wedding and they end up missing out on the very fun that they planned in the first place!

What’s the point of having a cocktail hour if you are stuck taking photos during it? Isn’t the whole point of cocktail hour to mingle with your guests and celebrate your wedding with those near and dear to you?

I think so!

Bride: “I couldn’t agree more Jeff! But how do I plan my wedding day so we can actually be at our cocktail hour?”

So glad you asked! Here are a few ways to arrange your wedding day schedule to make sure that you attend your cocktail hour.

Early Afternoon Ceremony

The best way to ensure that you get to partake in your cocktail hour is to have an earlier afternoon ceremony, like 2:00pm or 3:00pm. Cocktail hours traditionally start around 5:00pm or 6:00pm so an earlier ceremony time would give you enough time for family photos, bridal party photos, and, of course, bride and groom photos.

I personally recommend about 90 minutes for family, bridal party, and bride and groom photos. That can vary depending on the size of your family and your bridal party, but that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.

Just make sure to budget in extra time for travel, if your ceremony and reception locations are different. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic while everyone is sipping on your signature cocktail!

First Look with family photos before the ceremony

If you want to sip mai-tai’s with your BFF’s and you have an evening ceremony, like 5:00pm or later, then you should definitely consider a First Look with bridal party and family photos before your ceremony.

This allows you to get all your photos out of the way before the ceremony which frees you up to enjoy those mai-tai’s!

If you are not familiar with what a First Look is, it’s pretty simple. You set a location (either your getting ready hotel or your reception venue), you place the groom in said location, and then you have the bride walk up behind him real ninja-quiet like and tap him on the shoulder. BOOM! First Look!

As a photographer, I love First Looks. They are great because of all the nervous energy and anticipation. It makes for some really authentic candid moments between the bride and groom.

As a couple, First Looks are great because, not only do you get some amazing images, but you also get to relax after your ceremony because there is no mad dash to squeeze in a bunch of bridal party and family photos – they’re already done!

Traditional Wedding Day Timeline

If you are not into the First Look idea and you are having an evening ceremony and you are determined to knock back a Negroni or two during cocktail hour, then be prepared to only make the tail-end of your cocktail hour, if everything runs on time.

Here’s why …

Let’s say your ceremony is at 5:00pm and your cocktail hour is 6:00pm with your reception entrance scheduled for 7:00pm. The average wedding ceremony is about 20 minutes. I’m talking average. There are exceptions, of course. Add in another 10 minutes for some well wishers and a quick glass of bubbly after your ceremony and you are looking at an hour and a half before you are announced for your entrance.

Remember above when I said you’ll need about 90 minutes for family, bridal party, and bride and groom photos? Yeah … that brings you right up to your reception entrance.

Can you cut a little time off the 90 minutes? Sure. If you have a small bridal party and you don’t have a ton of family, but still you are probably looking at a having maybe 15 minutes before your reception. And let me tell ya, after all those photos, you’re probably going to want to chill in your bridal suite to catch your breath before your grand entrance!

So, take it from someone who’s photographed 10 years of weddings – if you want to make your cocktail hour either have an early ceremony or do a First Look.

Feel free to sound off in the comments – I read ‘em all.

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Wedding Photography Tips // How many hours of photography do we need?

Wedding Photography Tips // How many hours of photography do we need?

The much anticipated cake cutting ritual..

How many hours of photography do we need?

How long will you need your wedding photographer with you on wedding day? I get asked this question quite a bit. Makes sense, right? I mean chances are you’ve never planned a wedding before so naturally this question is on your mind.

The best way to answer this is to consider the following 3 questions …

  1. What time is your ceremony?
  2. Do you want photos of your getting ready preparation?
  3. Do you want photos of your entire reception?

What Time is Your Ceremony?

Your ceremony time is the #1 driving factor for how long you will need your wedding photographer with you on wedding day because once we start, we shoot continuously until we go home for the day. My couples almost always have me arrive to photograph their getting ready preparation and have me stay through to the end of the reception. I like to arrive about 3 to 3 1/2 hours before the bride has to leave for the ceremony. During that time, I photograph both the bride’s details (dress, flowers, shoes, etc.), the candid moments between her and her bridesmaids, a few bridal portraits, and your first look (if you are doing one). If your ceremony is at 5:00pm and you need to leave at 4:30pm for the ceremony, then I’ll arrive about 1:00pm.  If your reception goes until 11:00pm then that’s 10 hours of wedding day coverage. Check out the timeline below.

Timeline schedule for 5:00pm Ceremony:

1:00pm – 4:30pm Getting Ready (& First Look, if applicable)

5:00pm – 5:30pm Ceremony

5:30pm – 6:30pm Cocktail Hour/Photographs

6:30pm – 11:00pm Reception

Now if your ceremony is earlier, like say 2:00pm, then you will need me to start earlier. Let’s assume (again) you want me through to the end of the evening, 11:00pm, like the timeline above. That would be about 13 hours of photography on your wedding day. Adds up quickly, doesn’t it!

Timeline schedule for 2:00pm Ceremony:

10:00am – 1:30pm Getting Ready (& First Look, if applicable)

2:00pm – 2:30pm Ceremony

2:30pm – 5:00pm Photographs (maybe even a well-deserved break for the bride and groom!)

5:30pm – 6:30pm Cocktail Hour

6:30pm – 11:00pm Reception

Do we want ‘All Day’ Coverage?

So, as you can see, your ceremony time will largely dictate how much coverage you will need on your wedding day. There are, however, two more considerations that will impact the number of hours you need. Do you want all your getting ready prep photographed ? And do you want all of your reception photographed ? If you only want your getting ready photographed from the time you are done with your hair and makeup and ready to get your dress on then that can cut out about 2 hours of photography. So, using the timelines above, I would arrive about 1 1/2 before you need to leave for your ceremony, 3:00pm for the 5:00pm ceremony start which would be a total of 8 hours and 12:00pm for the 2:00pm ceremony start which would be a total of 11 hours.

You could also choose to not photograph the entire reception. Personally, this is the best place to cut hours. Why? Because dancing photos tend to be repetitive whereas if you cut some of your getting ready you’d miss out on photos of your details and those great candid moments between you and your bridesmaids. With that said, I would recommend that you keep me at least through your cake cutting.

Let’s assume that cake cutting is at 8:30pm for both schedules above. That is the same two hours that we shaved off from your getting ready prep in the above example, so my arrival time would be 1:00pm and 10:00am respectively, but with a 9:00pm departure (I suggest a 30min buffer in the event things run late). So that would be 8 hours for the 5:00pm ceremony timeline (1:00pm to 9:00pm) and 11 hours for the 2:00pm ceremony timeline (10:00am to 9:00pm).

So, How much time do we need?

Based on these schedules, you are looking at a range of 8 to 13 hours of wedding photography depending on your ceremony start time and depending on how long you want your photographer with you on wedding day. Some couples want ‘all day’ coverage from getting ready to the end of the reception. Some couples prefer to send the photographer home in the middle of the reception after cake cutting.

There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what you want for your wedding day. Your timeline may even be shorter than the examples I used above. I have photographed smaller, more intimate weddings that required only about 6 hours of coverage. There are plenty of options at your disposal.

That’s the advantage of a photographer that has an A La Carte pricing system (like I use) as opposed to a Package system. I believe flexibility is important and you should be able to choose the products and services you want and not be forced into a one-size-fits-all package. You can visit my Pricing Page here.

I hope I was able to shed some light on the number of hours of wedding photography that you will need. If you have any questions for me, sound off in the comments and/or send me an email – If you think this post would be helpful for a bride and groom that you know, then please click SHARE ON FACEBOOK to spread the love or just email them the link.




Meredith and Will | Outdoor Wedding NY | Highlands Country Club

Meredith and Will | Outdoor Wedding NY | Highlands Country Club

Rustic ol' barns are the perfect backdrop for outdoor wedding portraits

Highlands Country Club Wedding

There are two things that really make me happy: outdoor weddings and unique venues. Meredith and Will nailed ’em both! I’m lucky. Living in southern CT not only gives me access to the cool venues in Connecticut, but also to the venues in NY. I also love the fact that I can be in the city for an engagement session in no time! Meredith and Will were married on a beautiful July day at the super cool Highlands Country Club in Garrison, NY.

I had never photographed at Highlands before so I was really excited to add another Hudson Valley wedding venue to my list. And I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to do it with! Meredith and I clicked from the moment we sat down for our consultation. Her and her parents and I must have chatted for what seemed like hours. I am a big family guy so I really enjoy meeting my couples’ parents ahead of wedding day. I think it makes us all that much more comfortable with each other on the big day!

I can’t say enough about Meredith and Will. They were super easy to work with. They were down to earth, relaxed, and natural. I could tell we were going to get along well because we had a blast during out engagement session at The Cloisters just outside the city. And that feeling continued on wedding day.

Fittingly, Meredith and Will opted for an outdoor ceremony. I love when couples say ‘I Do’ in the great outdoors and Highlands has one of the most perfect settings for an outdoor ceremony. It was an intimate ceremony with Meredith and Will surrounded by their loved ones. You could just feel the love and warmth in the air as they exchanged their vows. So much so that a few kleenex were required! Tears of joy, of course!

I won’t soon forget Meredith and Will’s wedding. I loved the vibe of the day – outdoor, carefree, and natural. We took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and photographed all over the Highlands property. Our personal favorite was the old rustic barn!

Meredith/Will, congrats to you both on your wedding! It was a pleasure working with you.

The story of your wedding day is in the detailsI love all the candid moments during the bride's getting ready prepGorgeous bridal portraitLove the antics that go on during the guys getting readyLove this gorgeous bridal bouquetHighlands Country Club is a gorgeous venue for an outdoor wedding ceremonyThe bride and groom share a sentimental moment during their wedding ceremonyThe happy couple can't control their exuberence after the ceremonyThe weather was perfect for this outdoor wedding cocktail hour at highlands country clubThe bride and groom mix and mingle with their guests during their cocktail hour at highlands country clubHighlands Country Club has several great location for outdoor bridal portraits especially this rustic barnPhotos of the reception detailsGorgeous wedding cake and a wonderful first danceParent dances get me everytime!The bride and groom address their guests before the bride tosses her bouquetLet the fun begin! The bride and groom blow off a little steam with their guestsThe dance floor was hoppin' til the wee hoursA classic black and white photo of the bride and groom cutting their cake



Lisa and Josh Wedding | The Inn at Longshore

Lisa and Josh Wedding | The Inn at Longshore

Photo of a wedding ceremony at the Inn at Longshore in Westport, CT by Jeff Lundstrom Photography

I used to live in New York City. Loved it! Except in the summer time. Ugh! Between the heat, the dripping AC window units, and the Port Authority subway (New yorkers, you know what I mean!), NYC summers are simply unbearable. So, it makes sense when New York couples want to escape the confines of Manhattan and whisk themselves off to the cool, breezy Connecticut coastal shores.

Lisa and Josh are no exception. Both residents of Brooklyn, Lisa and Josh opted for cool and breezy over warm and steamy for their wedding day. They chose the Inn at Longshore in Westport, CT for their seaside nuptials. Hands down, one of my favorite summertime wedding venues in the state (as you may recall from my series on my favorite venues ). You just can’t beat the view of the Long Island Sound from the lawn of the Inn. It’s just perfectly pristine.

Lisa and Josh’s wedding was warm and intimate from start to finish. Lisa got ready with her mom and her bridesmaids just up the road at the Delamar Hotel in Southport, CT.  They sipped their champagne and traded stories as they got their hair and makeup done. Never rushed. Never hurried. Lisa and her bridesmaids just took their time and soaked it all in. I love it when couples plan for extra time. It makes the day that much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

When the Moet was empty and the girls were done their primping, it was off to Lisa and Josh’s first look. I love first look’s. I love the nervous anticipation and the raw emotion. I wish every couple would do a first look. For a candid wedding photographer like myself, a first look creates a perfectly natural and authentic moment to capture. Lisa and Josh’s first look had all those elements (as you can tell by the photos!) and more.

Their outdoor ceremony suited them perfectly. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest friends and family, Lisa and Josh exchanged their vows and said I Do as the sun began to set over the water. You couldn’t have scripted a more romantic ceremony.

The reception was lively and spirited with handshakes and hugs, toasts and tears (of joy that is!). Lisa’s cousins deserve a shout out for some of the best dance moves I’ve ever witnessed in my wedding photography career. Seriously! They were impressive!

Intimate weddings are always special to me. Special because they put the couple’s relationships first and foremost.

Lisa and Josh, congratulations to you both for a beautiful, fun-filled, family-style wedding. I won’t soon forget it.

Photo of the brides dress, shoes, and veilPhoto of the bride getting ready at the Delamar Hotel Southport, CTGetting ready photos of the bride and her bridesmaidsPhoto of the bride and groom during their first lookPhoto of a bride and groom at the Delamar Hotel in Southport, CTGuests mingle with each other prior to the wedding ceremonyThe bride and groom look at each other in anticipation as the bride walks down the aisleThe Inn at Longshore features a dramatic coastal setting for an outdoor wedding ceremonyThe bride and groom recess the aisle after their ceremony at the Inn at LongshoreThe Inn at Longshore has plenty of gorgeous backdrops for bride and groom photosA wedding cake topped with 'Love'The bride and groom mix and mingle with friends and family during their cocktail hour at the Inn at LongshoreSunset over the Long Island Sound as seen from the lawn of the Inn at LongshoreThe bride and groom enjoy their first dance in front of friends and familyThe bride and groom enjoy their first dance in front of friends and familyThe bride and groom greet their guests at their wedding receptionThe bride and groom listen to their weddign toastsThe bride and groom welcome their guests during their wedding reception The bride and groom cut their wedding cakeThe bride, groom, and their guests dance the night away at their wedding receptionThe bride and groom pause for a celebratory toast after their wedding ceremony

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