I Believe

I believe in hand-written cards because Hallmark doesn't know our story.

I believe real love is early morning coffee with matching mugs.

I prefer to collect experiences because they don’t require a storage unit.

I believe family is the peanut butter to life’s chocolate.

I laugh loudest when the joke is like a dirty martini, straight up and extra dry.

I believe teaching your children how to open a wine bottle is good parenting.

I may or may not steal the family coin jar and keep the CoinStar cash for myself.

I believe a winding mountain trail is the best stair-master.

I believe there’s a That’s What She Said joke for just about any situation.

I believe handcrafting cocktails from scratch is a legitimate hobby.

I believe in the saying “When in Rome” because no one has a monopoly on life. 

Half my kitchen is devoted to my coffee equipment because flavor matters.

I take BIG bites so if we eat together be careful what you offer me.