I got into weddings ‘by accident’. I was into landscapes and sports photos at the time. Then, one day at our favorite date night spot, our regular bartender asked me, “Jeff, you do photography, right?” “He does, yes!” my wife said. “I have a friend looking for a photographer for their wedding.” “Well, I’ve never photographed a wedding before, but I’d be happy to talk to them.”

Reagan and Jim were married in October of 2008 at their family farm in Southbury, CT. I was rather nervous at the start, but my nerves soon calmed as the day went on.

I found myself mingling and laughing with everyone while photographing all the goings-on as they happened. It was like I was a guest with a camera just blending in with everyone and hanging out. It was a blast!

I didn’t realize at the time but that would come to be my style – blending in amongst everyone like a guest and capturing moments as they unfolded. 

Fast forward to today, I continue to photograph weddings in the exact same way I did for Reagan and Jim’s wedding. 

I love what I do and, more importantly, I love how I do it. I truly believe a candid, hands-off approach to photographing weddings makes my clients’ wedding day less stressful and allows couples to relax, be present, and enjoy their day.  

– JL


I consider myself a very lucky man. I am a husband to a beautiful, loving, and supportive wife and a step-father to two amazing daughters. Add in a couple of rambunctious fur babies and everyday is an adventure in the Lundstrom household. All joking aside, we are a tight-knit family that loves to laugh together, tease each other,  and maybe talk a little trash at the annual holiday Jenga tournament … of course, I win every year 😉

Of all my loves, sports was my first. Travel hockey, high school football, college lacrosse. Sports pretty much consumed the first 22 years of my life. Today, I’m mostly a spectator – NFL Sundays, College Football Saturdays, March Madness, The NHL Playoffs, World Cup Soccer, and, of course, the NCAA Lacrosse Championships every Memorial Day Weekend. 

Our first real travel experience was to Rome a few years back. The history, the architecture, la dolce vita, and, of course, the food! I can still taste the pizza and gelato – OMG! Italy was such an eye-opening experience for us. Seeing another part of the world and experiencing a different culture really brings perspective to your life. We can’t wait for our next adventure!

I love the grind . . . and by grind I mean coffee! For me, everyday starts with the sweet aroma of fresh ground beans and the gurgle of my Bonavita drip coffee maker. It’s java nirvana! Afternoons are reserved for espresso and the creamy, foamy magic of lattes. I love me some lattes! I have to admit, though, my latte art skills could use some work.

I’ve been into music ever since my brothers introduced me to the Rolling Stones. It was 1981. Tattoo You was the album, Start Me Up was the song. I was 9. Classic rock was my intro to music, but the 90’s grunge scene was my heyday. My tastes have mellowed over the years, but I still hold air-guitar concerts in the living room from time to time – much to my wife’s chagrin 😉

When my brother, the foodie, started collecting wine, I got real curious, real fast. What were these mysterious bottles of grape juice with all this strange writing on them? So, naturally, to unravel the mystery, I got a job in a wine store. Then, I had to take it one step further and get my certfication – yep, I am literally a certified wine geek!

The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the better your photos will be.