Quaker Style Backyard Country Wedding

She just stood up, in the middle of the ceremony, and started talking.

At first, I cringed a little. I mean I had never seen a guest just stand up randomly during the ceremony and start speaking.

As I scanned the crowd, looking for their reactions, I noticed that no one seemed to mind.

Everyone was quiet. Some had their eyes closed. They were all just calmly enjoying the tranquility of the moment and that sweet country summer breeze.

After she was done, she sat quietly back down in her seat.

And another guest stood up and gave the couple her blessing.

Then I realized. This must be tradition. I mean it was a Quaker ceremony after all.

A Quaker ceremony is quite different from your regular protestant and catholic ceremonies because there is very little fanfare. Often referred to as the ‘silent ceremony’, Quaker ceremonies have no officiant, there is no homily, or prepared readings.

Rather the ceremony features a long period of silent, open worship in which the guests of the bride and groom offer their blessings individually. Afterwards, all the guests are asked to sign the marriage license as witnesses to the marriage.

Kat grew up on this farm. Her family has deep roots in the Pennsylvania countryside and their farmhouse has been in the family for decades. So, naturally, it was fitting that Kat and James have a traditional Pennsylvania Quaker Ceremony.

Pennsylvania Country Charm

I’d be willing to bet that not many of you reading this have ever heard of Bloomsburg, PA. Central Pennsylvania isn’t exactly a mecca for tourists.

I’ll save you the google search … Bloomsburg is beautiful. It’s small town rural America with a strong farming community. The landscape is something out of the Midwest with acres and acres of rolling hills and open fields.

Naturally, Kat and James’s ceremony and reception were outside with the rural splendor of the Bloomsburg countryside as the backdrop.

They exchanged their vows under the tree that Kat used to climb as a kid and danced the night away outside in the backyard where she and her childhood friends would play tag and catch fireflies.

Kat and James, it was an honor to photograph our wedding day. Thank you for including me!